Meet Mike

Michael Trimborn, Counseling Intern, Supervised by Malka Fenig, LPC

Mike ProfileYou have committed to change so many times that you’ve lost count.

You’ve tried your best to summon all your willpower, but a few days later, you find yourself trapped in the same familiar patterns.

Tired and burned out in your career, you feel stuck in a loop of self-defeating habits.

You are increasingly feeling anxious and depressed and unsure where to turn.

Know that there is hope.

When you work with me, you will find a safe space to explore what is blocking you.

We can identify your thoughts, beliefs, habits, and perceptions about yourself.

Additionally, we can pinpoint triggers that you may not even be aware of.

My aim is to assist you in responding to life’s challenges in ways that align with
your values and intentions rather than just reacting impulsively.

About Me

My superpower is creating a safe space for people to share how they feel.

During my 22-year career in tech, my most rewarding moments have come from helping others process their feelings, thoughts, and beliefs so that they can thrive in the most stressful situations.  I believe growth happens when one works towards accepting themselves more fully in both their successes and failures. I continue to lead a team of high achieving product managers of the Test and Measurement business group at Emerson.

Outside of my current career, I am working towards earning my master’s in counseling from Adams State University.  It’s been great to be back in school embarking on this new adventure to help people in an even deeper, more meaningful way.

I see clients on evenings and weekends. I can’t wait to work with you!


Backpacking ManStaying curious and being adventurous is important to me.

When I’m not building strategies to maximize product value or reading for my next class, I can usually be found at a sporting event for one of mychildren, going for a walk, or dining out with my wife.

I also love cycling, camping, and four-wheeling in the outdoors.  This last year, I have explored northeast New Mexico, southern Colorado, and the Big Bend of Texas!