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About Robyn

Robyn1What it’s like to work with me:

You may be surprised at how much you look forward to your weekly therapy sessions. I strive to make the experience helpful and help you feel regulated before you resume your day.

Together we create a safe space for deep and meaningful work. To achieve this, I make sure we build resources to calm your nervous system so that you leave each session feeling refreshed, regulated, and empowered by the new learnings, progress, and improvements in your symptoms. Somatic exercises, breathwork, polyvagal exercises, and imaginal work all help to get you feeling good before returning to your day.

With Couples, we set goals for your relationship, and take time to understand your personal histories and history as a couple in order to help best develop a treatment plan that will help your relationship function in the most optimal way possible. I do my best to make sure you leave with practical tools and with movement toward your goals. We work on building communication, repair and trust with experiential practice in session.  Essentially you are rewiring your brain to get unstuck from old patterns that are no longer serving you.

Learn the power of mind-body awareness.Robyn 2

People often end up going through their days on autopilot. They are expert compartmentalizers and can power through the difficult memories, thoughts, and emotions that arise daily. They spend much time keeping  their bodies healthy at the gym and very little time taking care of their minds and spirits. This hour is about you. It’s about caring for your mind, growing, healing, and gaining insights.

We open each session by having you bring awareness to your mind and body by noticing the breath and noticing any distractions or feelings that arise. This exercise helps you get present, maximizing the time we have together.

Next, we begin the “work” or treatment, which could range from one of the modalities I practice. Together we get curious about unconscious beliefs that might be keeping you stuck.New understanding and learnings emerge from allowing the mind time and space to reflect on the material we are working on. We call this bringing coherence or integration to your mind.

About Me

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What I have to offer is what YOU need precisely 

I collaborate with each client in individual therapy to create a unique treatment plan to address my client’s specific needs and goals. Once we identify unhelpful beliefs, patterns, or symptoms, I work with clients to make meaningful growth toward their goals.

Depending on the person, we may examine the impact of childhood or relational wounds, discover and integrate new learnings, heal past trauma, or navigate bereavement.

The therapeutic modalities I use are evidence-based treatments for various mental health disorders and are effective for multiple life stressors and issues.

Can EMDR therapy help?

Did you know that EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is not just a trauma treatment? EMDR can help the brain unlearn unhealthy patterns and rewrite limiting beliefs.

If you are ready to overcome fears, heal old attachment wounds, increase your confidence, and reclaim your truth, EMDR might be the right treatment. I am a Certified EMDR therapist, reach out to learn how EMDR can help you.

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Making meaning in the present moment.

After growing up in Pittsburgh, PA, I attended Penn State University, where I earned my Bachelor of Art in Graphic Design. In 2005 I moved to Austin, and with lots of valuable life experience behind me, I pursued my Master’s in Counseling at St. Edward’s University. I am EMDR Certified and have training in Coherence Therapy, IFS, AEDP, PACT, and Gottman.

Aside from my love of counseling, I enjoy painting landscapes, cycling, yoga, reading, swimming in the lake with my family, and making cool projects with my son and stepsons. I live with intentionality, presence and mindfulness in order to make the most of my one precious life. I love my family, friends, pets, travel, adventure and taking good care of myself and others!