About Veronica

Veronica Z. Herrera, MA

LPC-Associate,Supervised by Anne Hardegree, LPC-S

Life can be simpler.

Who doesn’t have fears, insecurities, or uncertainties? Everyone feels sadness,Veronica Headshot
discouragement, or confusion, at times. It is normal to experience feeling tired or agitated
or challenged by our life struggles. We are all exposed to human experiences like these,
occurrences that are normal and even expected. When these experiences start to rule our
lives and stop us from facing change or moving toward our goals, we know it is tie to make
some changes.

Life can be simpler if we acknowledge and understand what goes on within us. Therapy is a
courageous process of recollection, an intimate journey of daring self-discovery that starts
inwards and extends to most realms of existence. In therapy, awareness turns into conciliation,
learning, and improvement of the relationship with the self and with others. Acknowledging all
sorts of personal emotions, fruitful or pervasive thinking patterns, of adaptive or maladaptive
behaviors empowers us to aim at feeling and being better. That’s what healing is all about.

What it’s like to work with me.

I approach each case from the perspective of individual presentation and experience. Whether or not consciously recognized harrowing events, chronic stress, or attachment dysfunctionality undergone during childhood or adult life shape one’s state of mind. Strain governs the regulation of the nervous system. In many ways, it models self-concept along with the course of interactions with the environment.

In clinical practice, I partner with clients to help them uncover and process their truths, acquiring coping mechanisms while making the best out of their psychological resources. With an integrative view of psychotherapy, I utilize cognitive behavioral techniques (CBT) which involve the management of emotions, in combination with methodologies to explore change and decision- making (DBT). As I believe in human psychodynamics, I promote the unveiling of self-limiting cognitive schemas and the core beliefs that shape motivation. My intention in every session is that the client leaves with a greater sense of accomplishment, a breakthrough, or a new life tool.

 I work with individuals who navigate desired or unplanned change, people with relational issues or self-confidence concerns. Persons who simply want to do better. I work with adults experiencing effects of trauma, depression, demotivation, emotional discomfort, mood instability, or mental turmoil; chronic stress, anxiety or agitation, anger and behavioral issues, addictive behaviors, grief, loss, and more.

Who am I?20190726alfredo Monagas Verónica Herrera Ii (hd) 7 Copia

A firm believer in everybody´s potential to achieve well-being. I am a curious mental health
practitioner who continuously researches the human mind and soul. Recently licensed as an
Associate Mental Health Counselor in the state of Texas, I have been an ICF accredited Executive,
Leadership, and Career Coach

for nearly 20 years. Facilitating therapeutic and coaching groups just fascinates me. For a long time,
I have grown from every encounter with each client. Previously, I did consulting work for global and
national corporations, along with SMEs. This professional phase taught me about the dynamics of
people within systemic, business settings.
While I hold the Master of Arts in Counseling that led to my licensure, I also obtained graduate
diplomas in Business and Marketing, Organizational Change, and Positive Psychology, along with
other certifications in Stress and Resilience, NLP, social skills, communications, and human relations.
Empathy, excellence, and committed service lead all I do. I am devoted to my husband and son (and
our furry girl Roxy!). I enjoy fine arts and classic literature, trekking and working out, embroidering and
sewing. I am an adventurer who relocated internationally five times, working and studying non-stop,
while also traveling around and interacting with so many cultures. English, Spanish, Portuguese, and a
bit of French are thrilling means of communication for me. I love living, flowing, avidly marching hand in
hand with my family and my career.