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You feel stuck in patterns of conflict with your partner.

The cycle of conflict has left you feeling like you’re out of options and you are unsure of where to turn for relief.

You tiptoe around difficult topics because it’s easier than dealing with the fallout.

It feels like you are speaking different languages as you try to communicate with each other.

You’ve grown apart and you wonder if the chasm can be bridged

Life is so busy that finding time to talk about important issues seems impossible.

You have grown apart and wonder if you can ever find connection again.

Bridging the “relationship gap” between the two of you seems daunting and impossible.

Your deep desire is to connect and to be known by your partner – but you don’t know where to begin.

Stop walking on eggshells and learn how to communicate effectively with couples therapy that works.

Your desire for a connected and intimate partnership is possible through our experiential therapy that teaches you how to reestablish trust, safety and vulnerability with your partner so you start operating as a team instead of opponents.

Stop shoving things under the rug and start diving in to the tough topics in the safety of a third party who can help you navigate your differences in a productive and meaningful way.

Don’t wait another moment to get the help you need for the most important relationship in your life.

While it can feel overwhelming, couples counseling can provide a safe space to process those “stuck” places in your relationship by giving you tools and new ways communicate differences. In therapy, we begin with discussing those topics that feel off limits and start to unravel those places of hurt to reestablish trust.

Together we will discover a new path forward to deeper connection and intimacy with your partner.

With sensitivity and compassion, we’ll build upon your strengths and improve your sense of self.

Our therapist will help you learn and practice ways to help each other feel heard, understood and cared for.

You will create new agreements that are honored even when life creates obstacles and difficulties.

Become experts on your partner and how to love each other.

Our therapists will help you to rekindle the connection with your partner by developing new ways of loving and relating to each other. Within therapy you will learn more about yourself, your partner, and receive tools along the way to create your relationship 2.0.

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