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Unprocessed Painful Memories
Put Your Health at Risk

Stop Waiting for Things to Get Better – Start Healing with EMDR

EMDR Therapy in Austin and Online throughout Texas

You feel like you’re stuck in ‘survival mode.’

Concentrating at work is hard, and your mood has been “off” for a while now.

You feel like you’re just barely keeping your head above water each week.

You find yourself wanting to numb out, escape and avoid thinking all the time.

Distracting yourself with music, podcasts, shows, or alcohol every day of the week.

The memories are taking a toll on your health.

You may look fine and healthy to the outside world, but you feel the impact festering in your body.

A simple work gathering suddenly feels stressful, and you can’t get outside fast enough.

Your doctor informed you that you risk severe health conditions due to poor sleep and “stress.”

Things have been volatile with your partner, and they’re tired of navigating your “moods.”

Break the pattern from your past.

EMDR is the gold standard for treating unprocessed and painful experiences from your past.

In our sessions, we’ll release traumatic memories trapped in your nervous system and reintegrate them into your mind so your body can heal.

We’ll work within your window of tolerance, so you never feel overwhelmed.

EMDR treats past experiences with precision and always at your pace.

Honor the parts of you that need healing.

EMDR harnesses the same healing process your brain uses during sleep to direct your innate healing ability on specific experiences that have been left unresolved.

You’ll always feel safe and supported as we look at the memories from a safe distance together.

EMDR creates lasting change without painfully reliving or talking about them for years.

You’ll maintain a perfect recall of your memories but without the negative emotional association.

It’s time to start living again.

With sensitivity and compassion, we’ll build upon your strengths and improve your sense of self.

Don’t let the painful experiences of your past limit your future and wreck your health.

You deserve to heal.

Your future health depends on the actions you take today.

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