EMDR Therapy

603284075Deep fear of abandonment is a constant companion.

A rush of overwhelming feelings floods you anytime a reminder of a previous experience or relationship arises.

When your partner goes to work events, you freak out, worrying they may meet someone else and leave you. If your partner doesn’t text you immediately, your heart races with panic.

You know you react this way because your last partner cheated on you, and nothing seems to help reassure you in this current relationship. You can’t let go of the fear of someone lying to you or leaving you again.

Your constant paranoia and accusations may drive your current partner away if you don’t do something about it now.

GirlThe good news is EMDR can help.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) helps you process old traumatic memories and release stress from your nervous system.

This therapeutic method treats trauma and other symptoms like anxiety, grief, and self-worth struggles. The treatment involves eight phases that work to reduce the level of distress around traumatic experiences and give you a new perspective and understanding.

In the safety of the therapeutic space, you will focus on the memory, negative beliefs, and emotions encompassing that memory and where you feel it in your body while simultaneously completing a series of eye movements or bilateral tapping.

Reprocessing is a step-by-step method. Once the level of distress (determined by scaling questions) lowers to zero, you can move on to the next phase of treatment.

357839666Don’t let past trauma keep you in the past.

You may know you are lovable, but after EMDR, you will feel and believe you are lovable.

After reprocessing the memories and reducing the distress you feel around your past experiences, you will have a clearer sense of reality.

We will test the positive statement about clarity at each stage to see if it feels true. If not, we will guide you through more eye movements or tapping until there is no more disturbance and you report no distress in your nervous system. The work is complete when you know the positive statement is true and have a clear body scan.

Don’t let the past impact your current relationships and life. EMDR can help, and we are here to take this eight-step journey with you as you reprocess the past trauma. The journey starts with you contacting us today.