Grief and Loss

1709761756Grief has you feeling stuck and unable to resume a joyful life.

No matter how hard you try to feel better, you return to the painful reality that your loved one is gone. Every little reminder of that loss sends you reeling.

You’ve had dreams of them still being here, and then, the knowledge that they are gone hits you like a gut punch the moment your alarm goes off.

That loss causes you to feel incapable of finding the joy you felt when your loved one was around.

In your heart, you know they would want you to be “happy” and live your life, but you feel stuck and alone.

Feelings of grief continue as life passes by.

Resuming your life and living it to the fullest is something you want.

If you stuff your grief down for another day or stay in a constant loop of yearning for them, you will miss out on the present moment.

The way our culture treats grief feels lonely and isolating. Sadly, the old belief that “everyone grieves differently” created an isolating and hopeless outlook for those experiencing loss.

The reality is that you don’t need to do this alone.

1132921691Time to experience healing.

Grief researcher Mary Francis O’Connor found that time is NOT the great healer of all wounds. Instead, time and experience are needed for healing to take place. Therapy can help you release traumatic loss and move toward acceptance and peace.

With support from Westlake Psychotherapy, you can participate in various grief groups and individual counseling, including EMDR for traumatic loss.

We are here to hold space for all the emotions that bereavement may bring and to give you tools to move toward acceptance and peace. Our goal is to help you feel supported in your grieving process and to learn how to cope and heal from your loss in a way that honors your relationship with what was lost.

You don’t have to do this alone. We are here to help! All you must do is reach out, and we will set you up for a free 15-minute consultation.