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Your best friend and love of your life is gone. Now what?

A sudden wave of grief hits you in the chest as you notice the pumpkins being put out at the grocery store.

A reminder that he is no longer here to celebrate.

You can’t stop the feelings that hit you out of nowhere.

The longing and yearning for your loved one is never-ending.

It’s interfering with your life and your ability to feel joy.

You want to feel normal again.

It’s hard to focus. You avoid places and things that remind you of your partner.

You can’t control your emotions or “snap” out of it.

No matter how hard you try to avoid reminders, they appear out of nowhere.

You know in your heart that your loved one would want you to find peace and joy.

Going down this road alone is no longer an option.

Heal after your loss.

Process the traumatic memory of your loss.

EMDR therapy helps you reprocess the traumatic memories and integrate the problematic memories so you can live again.

Engage with positive memories as you resume a meaningful life free from the burden of your past.

Incorporate the memory of your loved one into your present experience.

Therapy is a safe space to practice intentional grieving and “lean in” to your emotions.

Experience meaningful life after your loss.

Learn “how” to grieve. Use parts work and imaginal exercises to release the complex emotions and move through grief.

Regulate your nervous system with breathwork and polyvagal exercises to down-regulate when you’re flooded with overwhelming emotions.

It’s time to heal.

Experience increased focus and the ability to live presently.

You don’t have to wear a brave face and white knuckle your way through the pain.

Let’s look at the emotions and create your new reality.

Feel healthy and whole once again.

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