Men’s Issues

758511766Scenario 1: You feel unsure of what it means to “be a man.”

You feel like you are failing. Your relationships are challenging, and you isolate yourself from your partner and friends.

The stress from your job takes its toll, and now, you get angry at minor annoyances. While you feel a range of emotions – the only socially acceptable ones seem to be anger and sadness.

You long for a more rewarding, meaningful, and exciting life, but nothing can help keep that feeling of discontentment away for long.

It seems that the only way to keep going is to drive yourself with critical self-talk and negative emotions.

Scenario 2: You cheat on your partner, and the lies pile on.

You have always thought you could “stop whenever.”

Instead of coming clean, you find yourself coping with the guilt in unhealthy ways. You love your partner, and sex with strangers is never as satisfying as you think it will be.

Afterward, you feel lonely and deeply ashamed and insecure.

At this point, you don’t know where to begin this battle, but you do know that you cannot do it alone.

2197444547Therapy can help men achieve their goals and relational intimacy!

Our firm belief at Westlake Psychotherapy is that men gain certainty and overcome behaviors that impact relationships through therapy. We can help you uncover more profound beliefs about the world that may no longer be adaptive.

Whether conscious or not, you had experiences that informed your perspective on how a man should move stoically through life. Therapy can help you recognize and process your emotions to help build resilience rather than expose you to future stress.

Trauma affects so many men, and therapy can help you process these experiences so that you can respond differently to stress instead of reacting with aggression.

Therapy can help you manage your sexual addiction through therapy built around resourcing you with alternative ways to manage your stress or anxiety. Additionally, you will become connected to a community of men going through similar challenges with Sexual Addicts Anonymous (SAA) meetings.

Let’s work together to help you gain a new definition of what it means to “be a man.”