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Your teen has become withdrawn and avoidant.

You wonder what happened to your happy energetic kid? 

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Your sweet kid is now a moody teenager. He answers with one word and barely makes an appearance during family time. 

You worry that he is coping with the stress of social and academic struggles through gaming and isolating. 

The happy kiddo you once knew is no longer interested in the activities he used to love. 

You can’t stop worrying about his mental health and his future. 

The clock is ticking and soon he will be heading off to college or out in to the “real” world. Will he have the tools and self-motivation to succeed? 

You want to be able to connect but you keep getting shut out.

When you try to talk to your teen, the conversation turns into a lecture or a power struggle. 

You both end up feeling frustrated and father apart. 

No matter what systems you put in place, nothing seems to help keep your teen motivated or engaged. 

You wonder about anxiety or depression and worry about your teens lack of socialization. 

Lies and excuses have clouded your ability to trust your teen.

When you confront your teen on unkept promises they’ve made you are met with thousands of excuses. 

You feel disappointed and like your teen’s behavior is out of control.

Depression and anxiety in teens can look like low self worth, lack of interest in things they used to love, anger or mood swings. 

Teens that receive therapy on their terms, with someone who is skilled at listening, validating and empowering them can have a huge impact on their functioning. 

Therapy can help build your teens confidence, improve communication and emotion regulation skills.

Give your teen the tools to navigate ups and downs and make sense of the big emotions they are experiencing in this transition to adulthood. 

Learn how to speak to your teen so that they will feel heard and understood. 

Learn to negotiate better boundaries that empower your teen to successfully launch. 

By the time your child is 12 you will have spent 75% of the time you will EVER spend with them. By the time your child is 18 you will have spent 90% of the time you will ever spend with them.

Don’t wait another second to get your teen back on track. Get parenting and teen therapy today!

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