Group Therapy

“Group Therapy creates a microcosm of interactions that mimic real-life relationships.”

Men’s Group

You are tired of feeling socially awkward and saying the wrong thing.

Romantic relationships seem to come easily to your friends. You get feedback from partners that you are emotionally unavailable.

Showing up authentically in relationships is a real struggle, and you can’t seem to be vulnerable with your partner.

You fear how others perceive you to the point where you avoid going out and being social. It just doesn’t seem worth it.

What you’ve tried hasn’t helped.

Joining meetups, making yourself go out with friends, or going on dates don’t work for you.

If you stay along this path, you probably will end up lonely and never leave your house.

You want to learn how to grow interpersonally but don’t know where to begin.

Group therapy is a step toward personal growth!

In the safety of group therapy, you can explore your fears and develop skills to navigate your relationships more confidently and authentically.

Men’s group is a great space to explore your relationship skills and deficits.

Our Men’s group digs deep into the areas you want to explore and grow.

Group therapy creates a microcosm of real-life interactions and is a means to understand how to improve your relationships in your “real life” and work on areas where you struggle.

Over time, members feel safe enough to express themselves authentically, and they form bonds through members’ shared experiences and understanding. Each member brings their own story and vulnerability. Relationship development and things you learn in the group can transfer to your life relationships and bring new depth and meaning.

Healing from Betrayal Group

Even suspecting betrayal hits so hard.

You have this sneaking suspicion your partner might be up to something, so you check his phone when he leaves the room and your heart sinks.

This discovery instantly changes everything.

Was any of this real?

Your mind searches your memories to understand what was real and what was not.

He has been messaging women on dating apps and who knows what else.

The truth trickles out little by little; each revelation comes with a brand new level of pain.

You feel like you are on a roller coaster of emotions ranging from rage and heartbreak to sadness.

The future you once dreamed of is now lost. Can you come back from this and ever trust anyone again? Can you trust yourself?

You can’t sleep, you can’t eat, and you can’t concentrate at work. You need the support of women who have gone through something like this. People who understand and really get the complexity of your current situation.

You are capable of healing.

Time to focus on your own healing with the support and wisdom of those who have or are going through this horrendous heartbreak.

Healing from Betrayal Group focuses on creating a safe and supportive space for you to share, process, and heal from this painful experience.

We go through several books on Healing from Betrayal and have weekly discussions.

We practice breath work and mindfulness exercises to regulate your emotions and focus on self-care.

You will leave feeling more confident, empowered, healthier, supported, and hopefully with more clarity on what you want for your future self.

Reach out today and find the support you need!

GRIEF Groups

Grief can feel so lonely.

People have stopped asking how you are doing. They think you should be “over it” by now.

You have heard about the stages of grief and don’t know if you are “doing it right.”

Reminders hit you like a gut punch at unexpected times and derail your entire day.

How can you stop the yearning and heartache thinking of your lost loved one?

That’s not what your loved one would want.

They would want you to resume life and feel joy again, but you are stuck.

Grieving doesn’t come with a manual, and as much as it is a part of life, it isn’t something you could have ever prepared for.

If you continue to miss work or isolate, you know that you will sink into a deeper depression.

Avoiding the places you went together and hiding the photos hasn’t helped. Nothing seems to work.

You can live a full and meaningful life once again.

A grief group can offer something valuable to the healing process – a shared experience.

The grief group at WPOATX combines sharing your experience with others who have been through similar losses, healing exercises, conversations around acceptance, adaptation, creating meaning after loss, and thriving through grief.

At Westlake Psychotherapy of Austin, you can join a Therapeutic Grief Group that offers the healing of shared experience, therapeutic lessons, and guided tools to learn how to move through grief and adjust and adapt to life without your loved one.

If you feel alone in your grieving process, Grief Group might be the support you need to navigate the grieving process.