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Two women sit on a couch and participate in couples therapy at Westlake Psychotherapy of Austin.

What is therapy like?

At Westlake Psychotherapy of Austin, we create an experience that transcends a typical therapy session. From the moment our clients walk into our office or log onto their appointment, we create a safe and supportive space – so nobody has to work alone.

We identify goals for our work together, teach clients valuable tools or resources to calm and regulate their nervous systems, and curate treatment plans that suit their unique needs. Our goal is to finish each session with renewed hope and a sense of healing.

Taking the first step toward caring for one’s mind is a brave and worthy decision. Welcome to Westlake Psychotherapy of Austin. Keep reading to learn more about how we can begin a healing journey.

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Narrative coaching services

Narrative coaching compels individuals struggling with processing trauma and grief by reframing their narrative through writing. Writing about life events has been shown to promote higher levels of compassion and confidence.

Our Narrative Coach, Kelly Harwood, MFA, Certified Life Coach, partners with your therapist to create writing prompts, outside readings, and additional resources.

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Individual therapy

At Westlake Psychotherapy of Austin, individual therapy is a one-on-one, supportive, safe, judgment-free, confidential environment where clients are able to explore their emotions, share their struggles, and work toward a healthier overall mindset.

Taking care of the mind is as important as caring for the body. Everyone deserves to make time for their mental health and to live their best life, show up in their relationships, and feel healthy and empowered.

We commit to creating a safe space and establishing a unique treatment plan that suits each client’s unique goals. We work with clients of various ages, including teenagers.

A man and a woman sit on a couch, participating in couples therapy.

Couples therapy

Westlake Psychotherapy of Austin is an LGBTQ+-affirming practice that welcomes all relationships, gender identities, and sexual orientations.
Just like every individual is unique, so is every relationship. A secure relationship takes practice. Let us help you rewire the old patterns that are keeping you stuck in the same negative loop.

We allow each party to express themselves both as an individual, and as a part of a partnership, opening the pathways to communication to create mutual feelings of being heard, understood, and cared for.
We help reconnect and rebuild relationships with stronger foundations, mutual respect, and admiration.

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EMDR therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (or EMDR) allows for the release of stress from the nervous system via the processing of old, traumatic memories. EMDR is often used to treat trauma, anxiety, grief, and self-worth struggles.
EMDR therapy involves eight phases that work to reduce the level of distress around traumatic experiences and give clients a new perspective and understanding.

At Westlake Psychotherapy of Austin, our team of professional therapists is skilled in neuroscience-focused modalities including EMDR. We also offer 1-2 day EMDR intensive sessions.

A woman and man sit on a couch and speak with a couples therapist.

Family therapy

The goal of family therapy is to address issues that cause problems or tension within a family unit – whether they be emotional, behavioral, or psychological.

Westlake Psychotherapy of Austin specializes in family counseling, exploring the dynamics between family members and creating treatment plans that strengthen the bonds within the family unit, practice productive conflict resolution, and result in a better, higher functioning home environment.

Three men and a woman sit in chairs arranged in a circle for group therapy.

Group therapy

Healing is not always an individual journey. Westlake Psychotherapy of Austin offers several group therapy options. Our specialized therapy groups include:

  • Men’s Group: Men’s Group provides an excellent space for men to explore their relationship skills and have open conversations with peers about general difficulties.
  • Healing from Betrayal: The Healing from Betrayal Group focuses on creating a safe and supportive space for those affected by betrayal to share, process, and heal.
  • Grief Group: A Therapeutic Grief Group that offers the healing of shared experience, therapeutic lessons, and guided tools to learn how to move through grief and adjust and adapt to life without a loved one.
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