WomenWhat is Self-Worth?

Self-Worth is the internal sense of being good enough and worthy of love and belonging (defined by the Counseling Department at UNC).

Individuals with Self-Worth feel and know their actual value. Unlike self-esteem, which relies on external validation, Self-Worth comes from within and develops due to our early experiences and attachments.

How does low Self-Worth affect you?

A low value of your worth creates limiting beliefs that keep you from achieving your full potential. Suppose, for example, you experienced bullying in middle school. This negative experience established a core belief that you aren’t worthy or good enough.

Despite realizing that now, as an adult, you are “good enough,” you don’t feel good enough. Therefore, you behave in ways that sell yourself short. You don’t go for the promotion because “What’s the point? Someone else is probably more qualified.” This outlook is how you leave your full potential on the table when you don’t address those limiting beliefs and pull them out by the roots.

289586102How can therapy help address low Self-Worth?

In therapy, we call it making the implicit and explicit. In other words, we bring awareness to unconscious beliefs that hold us back. In treatment, several modalities address these core beliefs and help you align with your inner worth.

Once we understand the sources of those limiting beliefs, we examine the memories again, and new learnings emerge. With new understandings updated to the reality of your value, you can move through life feeling good about yourself and what you have to offer.

When can I get started working on this with you?

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