Meet Adriane

Adriane McCord, Counseling Intern, Supervised by Robyn Trimborn, LPC

You sense that you aren’t living up to your most full and authentic potential.

While outwardly successful, you often feel like an imposter and struggle to manage life’s daily stressors.

You feel stuck and disappointed with where you are in your career.

The demands of work and life are out of balance, and you can’t seem to find your footing.

You wonder, “What is my purpose, and how can I become empowered to live up to my full potential?”

Welcome, you have come to the right place.

Together, we can examine how your daily habits, defenses, and internalized beliefs or talktracks are inhibiting your growth and potential.

I will support you to better understand and leverage your unique traits, internal resources, and core motivations using psychodynamic therapy and strength-finding techniques.

Through our work together, you will hone a more adaptive set of practices and an empowering personal narrative.

From our work together, you will have the capability and confidence to live more deliberately, with perspective, clarity, and authenticity.

About Me

Helping others motivates me.

I graduated with an MBA from Harvard Business School and have worked in some of the most demanding and stressful industries in the corporate world, including Deloitte Consulting and in new product strategy at LinkedIn/Microsoft.

I have experienced success as an individual contributor and team manager. Still, I often found myself more interested and gratified by the human side of the job – what keeps people motivated, what makes diverse teams jive, how do individuals harness natural strengths into professional superpowers – than the business strategy itself.

This realization precipitated my move into counseling and the helping field more broadly.

I am a pattern connector.

As a natural empath and active listener, I genuinely appreciate others and their unique stories. I am nonjudgmental and can hold space for others as they explore hidden parts of themselves that don’t typically see sunlight. I am also a pattern connector who builds bridges between seemingly unrelated concepts. Words matter to me greatly, and I enjoy supporting people in articulating their feelings to understand themselves and others better.

My life experiences, interests, and abilities help me connect with and support multifaceted individuals ready for self-discovery and reflection to live more intentionally and authentically.

Family and adventure keep me balanced.

I am also a married mother of two darling young children. Being their mother is an honor of my lifetime, and I savor learning more about their personalities and true selves with each passing week.

Motherhood has also inspired me to model what whole-hearted living looks like for them. Therefore, I have worked deliberately to nurture and grow the non-mother parts of my identity as a wife, daughter, friend, professional, and creative individual.

I enjoy conversation, travel, art, music, literature, nature, and new experiences.